About Montol

About Montol…

Had a super time with Simon Reed and Tamsyn Swingler on Coast2Coast today (Friday 17/11/17) who are Chair and Vice Chair of the Cornish Culture Association

We were talking about Montol (Thursday 21st December)

One of the key features of the Montol Festival is the Guise Guilds…

Simon explains on the Associations Facebook Page

The Montol Guilds are groups that process around the town in the spirit of Misrule. Guilds are open to anyone and anyone can join a guild or even make their own.

The current guilds declared this year are as follows

1) The Corn Market Revellers -The Corn Market Revellers wear white gloves and have mock leaders.

2) The Egyptians -The Egyptians have a Egyptian theme and carry flaming torches

3) The Peccadiloes -The peccadiloes sing Cornish Carols and carry a Wassail bowl.

4) The Physicians -The Physicians dress as plague doctors and hand out cures to the public.

5) The Crowders Guild -he guild of crowders are members of Cornish music group Bagas crowd.

Each have a starting place and time between 7pm and 8pm and there own themes.  .

Cornish Culture Association Facebook

You can hear the interview here :


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