Accreditation – What’s it All Mean?

Accreditation – What’s it All Mean?


Today the school achieved its Approved Training Centre Accreditation from the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. Obviously we’re pleased, but what does it mean?

Well, as you may have read in our Samhain newsletter, we have been working towards this accreditation and jumping through hoops to get our processes right.

But the question on some lips might well be be “so what?”

Well the first thing we need to say is that this is in no way an attempt to measure or accredit what could be seen as ‘magical’, ‘intuitive’ or ‘psychic’ abilities. These things are just not open to being measured in any meaningful or consistent way – nor do we believe they should be thought about in such a cold, almost cynical way.

Neither, by the way, are we trying to accredit many of those values and attitudes which could be linked to “personal development”. All of our courses have this aim, that is the personal development of the individual (self-awareness, confidence, personal wisdom and so on).

However a number of the courses we run and are developing do lead to ‘working with others’. For example Reiki, Shamanic Healing and indeed Tarot and other Intuitive or Oracular Skills. When it comes to working with others in a healing and ‘counselling’ capacity there is a need for professional standards, ethical practices and (in today litigious culture) access to practitioner insurance.

Also within the UK there are National Occupational Standards for many areas of complementary therapies. These standards are not simply about a knowledge but about ethical, safe and professional practice. A practice which is firmly based within the ethos of ‘do no harm’ and all of the awareness that is implied therein.

So this is the point…

We are now able to offer certification in certain areas which can be insured and hence form a body of courses which lead to professional practitioner status.

These courses will include in the first instance.

  • Shamanic Healing (which includes Nwyfre)
  • Reiki
  • Professional Oracular Readings
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

Those who have already undertaken a course with us that have included these modalities will be able to undertake a simple top-up course (which we will deliver free of charge as part of the agreed on-going mentoring support) so they can be registered and hence able to apply for Insurance and Professional Membership to the IICT.

Remember this accreditation is not about measuring subjective abilities, but about ensuring professional, ethical and safe-guarded practices.

Of course there will be many who feel that such an accreditation is pointless…

“after all, the cunning folk, readers and healers of old had no accreditation” 

A sentiment the romantic in us agrees with.

However apart from several bouts of religious persecution, possible imprisonment and torture, our healing-oracular-magical-witchy ancestors didn’t have to face ‘Injury Lawyers for You”, requests for liability insurances from Mind, Body and Spirit Fayres and other regulatory demands.

So we are very excited about this development and we hope those who work with us, and will be working with us, feel the same.

On a magical note, what an auspicious time to be able to announce this news – The NEW YEAR….

Samhain Greetings to All


Sue and Alan



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