Announcing Mid-Week Magick

Announcing Mid-Week Magick


Those who have attended our Moots and workshops have mentioned that it would be nice to have the opportunity to take some introductory, weekday workshops on a some of the topics we cover in our longer courses.

It was also apparent that for some who have families to look after, there’s a pressure of time at evenings and weekends.

So, we’re introducing Mid-Week magic in the New Year.

We’ve picked times which would cater for ‘the School Run’ and will be offering a ‘nurturing’ lunch within the total cost of the session.

Here’s the list of dates and topics for these sessions.

18th Jan       About Wicca & Witchcraft

15th Mar       Meditation, Protection, Grounding

19th April      Dream & Dream Interpretation

17th May       Colour Magick

21st Jun         Auras & Aura Reading

18th Oct       Palmistry

15th Nov      Chakras & Their Meanings

20th Dec     Numerology

As you can see we’ve tried to avoid school holidays.

Time            10.00 – 2.30

Venue         REDRUTH

Cost             £20


If you are interested you will need to contact Sue or Alan

01872 384 458


The courses are complete in-and-of themselves, you won’t have to do all of them there is, however a development of ideas.

The courses are meant to be an introduction to each of the disciplines/topics which you may like to continue in more depth at a later time.

The £20 cost covers materials, tuition and lunch – and as mentioned above booking is essential.

01872 384 458

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