Being Inspired – Re-defining Purpose behind TRTZ

True learning is about bathing in the ‘truths’ of others and sharing in the light of their experience…

The rational and the mystical can be linked if we are able to think, talk, share, relate….

“Most people think they are thinking when they are simply rearranging their prejudices”


Science does not claim to “have all of the answers”;  nor does it claim to have anything overly specific to say about mystical belief systems.

Many of the detractors of science simply misrepresent “the method”, the process of scientific questioning.

There are some interesting variations on the process – this is a somewhat ’emotional’ take on process from someone coming from a specific agenda.

Being able to question from a scientific point of view does not exclude one from exploring and expressing subjective truths which may, or may not, be about ‘how the world really works”….

Just because we use words like ‘love’, ‘inter-connectedness’ and ‘healing’ does not mean we are being irrational – we are perhaps simply dealing with ideas and issues that are beyond scientific falsification.

Spiritual Humanism does sit comfortably with Critical Thinking

Questioning claims does not make one a ‘detractor’ or ‘cynic’

Rational Mysticism celebrates the ability to draw on both intellect and emotion, objectivity and subjectivity.

The Real Twilight Zone was established to encourage exploration, sharing of information and questioning or others perspectives in a SAFE, COLLABORATIVE way.

Since many of the issues we are dealing with will be at the heart of an individuals ‘belief system’ or indeed how they define themselves,  it is imperative that respect is shown for the ‘position’ of another after all it is ‘interpretation’ of experience that is being questioned as well as the external reality of the ‘event’ being perceived.

TRTZ is about challenge, provocation, investigation, learning, connecting, intuiting, feeling, thinking and honest evaluation…

It is not about point scoring, brow beating, the belittlement of others, the bullying and intimidation of an individual for the sake of  their differences.

It is about challenging what could be called the ‘cult of anti-intellectulism’; prejudicial and solely self-referential bigoted attitudes and active engagement in debate – a debate not with defined ‘battle-lines’ but with ‘open hearts’ and ‘open minds’.

Format for the future…

Each episode of TRTZ will be built around a specific topic or theme. Of course listeners will have pre-existing ideas, opinions and attitudes regarding many of the subjects being explored BUT it is hoped that they will listen and think about the content of each shows particular presentation – whether that be a summary of ideas or the thoughts of a guest speaker.

For this reason chatroom comments will not be referred to in the first part of the show as it is assumed that all of those engaged in the TRTZ approach will be actively listening to the initial presentation.

Full discussion and active input via chat and phone lines will be welcomed and ecouraged during the second half of the show.



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