British Society of Dowsers – EEG – Wellness Symposium

British Society of Dowsers – EEG – Wellness Symposium


12th April & Sunday 13 April 2014 at Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester,


BSDalan2014We were pleased to have been invited to offer a presentation at this event..

Alan offered a key note address which not only attempted to explore the nature of human perception, but tried to explore ideas around what Jung called ‘the collective unconscious’ and an idea that we’ve been playing with described as the ‘transpersonal unconsious’. The talk raised a number of questions including,”how do we know what we know” ; “in controlled conditions does dowsing work”; “what is being dowsed anyway” and so on.¬†Feedback from the talk was positive and the subsequent afternoon workshops broke away from what was described in the programme and was built around the questions and interests of those attending.


Sue was also able to talk to some people from York who are keen to book The School for talks in 2015 – if not before – so it may be that we look towards some kind of ‘Roadshow’ early next year. So if you are member of ¬†a group or an organisation who might like to host one of our events, talks or workshops please get in touch.

In keeping with the spirit of adventure Sue and I decided to go ‘self-catering’ for our visit to Cirencester and she, Sue that is,. discovered Hoburne Water Park and these delighful cabins…. so we were able to take advantage of the weekend, and the lovely environment to start work on the forthcoming Wicca and Witchcraft course (starts November the 1st) – more of that later..

View from 'lounge'
View from ‘lounge’


View of Cabin from other side of Lake
View of Cabin from other side of Lake


I think we picked the best time to visit this park as the Easter Holiday period had just started and the full season of ‘loadsa-visitors’ was yet to fall upon us.

These cabins were far enough away from the main site complex to be tranquil, calming and suitable for reflection and (some) work.


Again thanks to the British Society of Dowsers for their kind invitation and we’d love to offer our services at more of your events.

Alan and Sue




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