Celtic Shamanism Course part 1

Celtic Shamanism



Now Taking Applications for Part 1 of what will be a 3 year training in ‘shamanic’ practices based within the Celtic Tradition.

Enter the Shaman….

In a traditional sense the shaman was the priest, sage, advisor, healer and general go-to-guy of the tribe. They, and depending upon the culture they could be men or women, were usually born to their station or elevated to it through the possession of certain skills.

No here’s the thing.

Anthropologists suggest that the term ‘shaman’ is culturally specific and the activities engaged in by the shaman of a particular place are of that place and that culture.

I agree.

Some New Age thinkers have taken liberties with the term and used it to include any healer from any traditional society and thus imply a unity in underlying beliefs and practices – perhaps suggesting that shamanism is some kind of human religion pre-dating all others.

This I understand, but disagree with.

A shaman is a shaman in the context of his or her culture and their ‘practices’, whilst having cross-cultural resonance, are specific to their people or tribe.

Their practice is generally of a magical, non religious nature, and hint at an innocent spirituality which many in the West seek to connect with.

(from Alan’s forthcoming book : 21st Century Shaman)

This course in Shamanism is aimed at those interested in starting a journey towards a personal Shamanic Practice based within the Celtic Tradition.

Now let’s be honest here, whereas some people and cultures can claim an existing oral tradition we are in the situation of having to rediscover, redefine and recreate elements of what can be considered as Celtic Magical/Shamanic teachings.

The notion of ‘core shamanism’ as used in some arenas suggests that there are natural links between shamanic practices of all cultures – from our perspective the ONLY connection that has any real significance is the notion of animism, the concept of other worlds and the actions (reactions) of sympathetic magic.

Shamanic practice seems to stem from a cultures stories; the peoples interaction with the land, their relationship with the ancestors specifically and the Cosmos generally.

In this course we will be seeking inspiration from the traditional texts which form part of the Irish, Welsh and Cornish story cycles.

We will be recreating a magical system which reflects the way the people who lived and worked with nature.

We will be engaging in what can be described as shamanic meditations through which we will start to explore the seasons, natural cycles and how changes within the landscape can reflect changes in us as people.

Inwardly this is a personal journey, but externally it is a journey which will support your development as a shamanic practitioner and so allow you ‘give back’ to your community is ways which match your gifts, skills and choice.

The course comprises a number of weekends, which will include theory and practical sessions AND will frequently involve the group meeting at ‘sacred sites’ within the area.

Your course fee includes training materials, instruction and a number of one-to-one support sessions.

It does not include travel to the destinations for fieldwork, although we will seek to arrange car-share and hence shared travel (petrol) costs.

You will be required to obtain a suitable journal to record your meditations and practices; we have a supplier of handcrafted leather journals if these appeal.

The Course Dates

Sunday 30th March Group Meeting and Induction:

Weekends : 19th – 20th April ; 17th – 18th May ; 31st May 1st June ; 26th – 27th July ; 23rd – 24th August ; 20th – 21st September ;  25th – 26th October ; 22nd – 23rd November ; 13th – 14th December

Sunday 4th January 2015 Celebrations

If you visit the Courses section of this website you will find more details and a downloadable application form.

All forms will need to be completed and returned by the Cornwal School of Mystery and Magick by the 14th March. If there any questions please contact ALAN  alan@aljones.net

The course will be led by:-

Dr Alan Jones

Member British Druid Order, 3rd Degree Wiccan, B.O.T.A , Knight Templar, FOI and Church of All Worlds

Sue Edwards

 Wise Woman, Priestess, Member of the Goddess in Cornwall Tradition

Founders of the Cornwall School of Mysteries and Magick

This Course is Based Upon Traditional and Revised Sources


The course will be run under the ethical guidelines set out by the Metaphysical Practitioners Association and will be fully supported by one to one mentoring and transpersonal coaching. We will need to know of any pre-existing medical issues that you feel may be a challenge in during this training and in particular if you are undergoing medical treatment for mental or physical problems.

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    1. Hi Sarah

      Fuirstly let me apologies for our tawdry reply. We’ve been away from the website and life has been very hectic over the last couple of month. If you’ still like a chat please drop me an email (alan@cornwallmysteries.com or alan@aljones.net) or call me on 07714 323 934.

      Yes the course is running in 2016 – dates are as published on our courses page and in the newsletters.


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