Celtic Shamanism Course Weekend

Celtic Shamanism Course Weekend



The focus of this weekend was The Elements and finding ways to connect to them personally, mystically and magically.

Saturday 19th April

For Earth we visited Lanyon Quoit in Penwith – I know we’ve commented on this site elsewhere on this website, As a burial mound what better way than to consider not only our connections to The Earth, but to The Ancestors. It was a bit windy and the arrival of some other visitors curtailed some of the exercises.

For Fire we were lucky enough to be given the use of a Norwegian Hut by our good friend Liliac Witch.(Sarah) who just happens to be in the business of importing and building these huts. The Cornish BBQ Hut Company is well worth looking at. The fire and the roasting of vegetables over the fire was very conducive to conversations about The Classical Elements and how we can use Platonic ideas within magic. It was fun exploring how Pythagoras, Platio and The Celts were (possibly) linked by some of their metaphysical thinking – well it filled time whilst the veggie kebabs were cooking.

Sunday 20th April

For Air we visited a very cold and windy Glebe Cliff (again you can read about an earlier visit here) The visit to to Glebe Church provided a welcome breather from the wind and allowed me to spout about the my idea of the triple symbolism of Glebe Church, Tintagle Castle and Tintagel Monastry.

For Water Sue took us to St Cleather. The Holy Well at St Cleather is to the west of St Clether parish church and the well and associated Chapel are  said to be one of Cornwall’s best preserved.  The church and holy well are dedicated to Saint Cleder (or Clederus), one of the twenty-four children of Saint Brychan, a Welsh saint and King of Brycheiniog in the 5th century.

It is a lovely place in a lovely setting. The water from the Holy Well runs into the chapel and under the altar before exiting the building.

It was the first time myself and the others had been here and we were all taken by the loving care that the private owners have lavished on the site. A great place to consider our emotional connection to ‘place’ and ‘space’

The general concensus was that the weekend had not only been informative, but also given much food for thought. Sue and I hope that those on the course will find personal associations with these places and the elements which will enrich their meditations shamanic/druidic practices and connections between themselves and the land.


It was at St Cleather that we spoke of ensuring that we could share some of the work with others. So what we’re now calling the Druid Clan of Celliwig was ‘born’.

You can read more about this proposed group here : Druid Clan of Celliwig and join the Clan’s FACEBOOK PAGE here

Sue and Alan






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