Children of the Stars

“Children of the Stars”


We are the stuff of stars and to stars we shall return…

This sound byte is not only a spiritual hope but, in many ways, a scientific truth.
Every element in the universe was created in the hearts of stars which were born and died aeons ago … the stuff that makes up you and me is star stuff…. or at least was originally.

I think most scientists would agree, even if they baulk at the poetic licence, that the stellar nurseries created by the big bang were the light from which everything in the universe was derived. The ‘let there be light’ moment of creation has a ring of scientific reality. Of course the scientist and mystic part company when the nature of that which lies at the heart if the Cosmos is discussed. Whilst the scientist does not need to think of the idea of ‘cosmic intelligence’, the mystic often demands it.

Of course there is very little science in the moments prior to the big bang since there was no universe for there to be laws of…. in the micro-seconds before the light everything was possible.

Numerous esoteric traditions have created stories to explain this moment before ‘the beginning’ and give their stories human characteristics and values. A crafts person needs light to create their works of art – so therefore we read in Genesis that God created light before he (she) began the work of crafting the Universe.

In many ways to ascribe human characteristics to some omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient super-being is as arrogant as projecting human emotions onto animals. The reason we do this as human beings is that we need to (and perhaps can only) understand the world in our terms, in our frame of reference. Hence we limit the world and the universe to the language and concepts we possess.

In the Qabbala we learn that G-d, the Cosmos if you prefer, needed to understand itself and so created the universe and the different forms within it. The Tree of Life is a ground plan, a metaphor for the process by which this happened. In outline the unknowable essence of G-d (the Cosmos) was filtered through ten spheres of creation. As the essence passed through each sphere it lost some of its ‘divinity’ until it became matter – if you like Us, The Earth, The Material Plane.

Thus within each and everyone of us is a distillation of the essence of the perfect, unknowable aspect of G-d. Perhaps we can think of this as a perfect spark of divinity which is untouched by all of the limitations of the human condition – fear, need, lust, greed, pain, emotional isolation – but which we often forget about. We not only forget who we areas Ouspensky maintained, we forget that there is this spark of essential something (essential you).

We call it soul and then decide that it needs to be saved, when perhaps it just needs to be remembered.

We assume that who we are passes through the veil of death, because mediums talk to it, when perhaps the ego, the persona is simply the construct through which the essential spark understands itself. Death of the material you frees the essential you which then reconnects with the source.

If we started to behave as if we all had this spark of perfection within us; this essence of creation then I wonder if we’d be so quick to war with each other or ourselves.

Crowley had it spot on when he said that ‘every man and every woman is a star’.

The spiritual and perhaps transpersonal journey is to be open to the experiences and stories this essential self can share when we alter our consciousness to mystical possibilities.


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