Cornwall Live Article on The School

Cornwall Live Article on The School

On the 10th January we were visited by a reporter and photographer from Cornwall Live news who interviewed us about The School, Wicca, Druidry and a host of pagan ideas.

Witch Sue Edwards and Wizard Dr Alan Jones who run a Witchcraft Course from their home in Redruth

It was an interesting session and both Oliver and Sally were fantastic and very professional.


One of the challenges about giving such an interview is the scope of the feedback it could generate and of course we’re going to be interested in all comments received.

The question will be whether or not to challenge any of the negative ones (should any be posted). It’s the same question I guess all of us face when met with ignorance, bigotry, prejudice – or those who simply want to be controversial themselves.

I think Oliver, the reporter, did a good job in shaping the material and there was enough in there to be positively challenging for some readers. Sally’s photographs and video-clip are fun…

Any way see what you think.

If you’ve not seen it here’s the link¬†

Here’s the video-clip produced by Sally Adams

Cornwall Live 13/01/17

Reporter: Oli_Vergnault

Photographer: Sally Adams


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