Divination and Self-Discovery

Divination and Self-Discovery

Let’s face it think of Tarot or Astrology or Oracle Cards and you often think of readers and readings. In reality, however, the divinatory arts have been associated with personal (magical) development for as long as they have been with ‘fortune telling’ and ‘readings’.

The Occultist Aleister Crowley noted several times in his writings that the giving of readings was a by-product of studying the Tarot for personal (magical) development. Paul Foster Case’s mystical¬†order BOTA, uses the Tarot as the basis for its magical training.

The Tarot, for example, is not only a representation of a journey through life, but the journey of a soul.

In the Runes, there is the notion of ‘the runic cycle of transformation’ – again hinting at cycles of change and personal development.

Astrological symbolism can be seen to have an Alchemical significance, what is alchemy if not the magical art of transformation.

In fact, MAGIC IS TRANSFORMATION, so to engage with any Oracle system without first coming to terms with its relevance to the development of self is, we could argue, unbalanced.

It seems odd, therefore, that when people at Mind Body and Spirit Fairs talk about Oracles it is usually about their use in offering ‘guidance to others’ – or in short ‘giving readings’ – rather than for self-awareness.

It was for this reason that we decided to dedicate a weekend workshop to the Divinatory Arts for personal development.

We are excited about this course, and hope that will be too.

You can find further details of the course and application form HERE

Boswedden DIVINATION FEB 2018

But remember the early bird discounts run out shortly after Yule.

This COULD BE that elusive Yule Gift you’ve been looking for!

A weekend retreat, full-board, in Cornwall in the lovely Boswedden House nurturing your body, feeding your mind and exploring your soul.


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