Duchy Healers Convention 22nd February 2014

Duchy Healers Convention


This Saturday we will be at the Duchy Healers Convention at Chacewater near Truro and ahead of that event we are posting the notes from the talk Alan will be giving at the event.

The talk, which is based on Alan’s book ‘The Fools Journey’ will present an over viiew of the ‘tarot for self development’.

Alan has some particular views about readings which he will share during his talk.

The difference between the readings Alan seeks to offer and those offered by others is that rather than ‘telling’ his clients what the imagery means, he seeks to engage them in a transfomational conversation which allows the individual to leave the reading with as many questions as answers BUT with a real sense that they can take responsibility for their choices.

Alan’s training in Transpersonal Psychology, NLP and Counselling helps here.

You can read and learn more about this approach in his book, Transformational Readings.

A copy of the presentation Alan will give can be downloaded here…. The Fools Journey

Sue will also be at the Convention, perhaps offering spiritual readings or healing with the Duchy Healers

We hope you will be able to come along to enjoy the convention and say ‘Hi’

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