Nwyfre – Alan’s latest Book

Nwyfre is Alan’s latest book…

The word Nwyfre is a Middle Welsh word meaning ‘sky’ or ‘vigour.’

It was usually used to refer to a windy sky.

Iolo Morgannwg, who is an interesting character worth researching, popularized its use as a ‘magical’ word. He probably misunderstood the etymology of the word, which originally had no mystical connotation, but in the sense,  he used it ‘Nwyfre’ it has taken on a life of its own in contemporary Druidic circles.

The way modern Druids use the word, it has the meaning of  ‘life force’ or ‘life energy.’

To a Druid, everything is alive, including rocks, trees, plants, animals, and even the Earth itself.

Everything has the potential to generate energy, and the sum total of the energy in the universe is the life force itself.

Nwyfre is in everything, it is part of everything, and it can be felt on subjective if not objective levels.

One of the ways of thinking about Nwyfre is likening it to ‘The Force’ in Star Wars. It is the energy which binds the web, in Druid and Wiccan terms, it is the energy of interconnected-ness.

The ideas that have developed into the approach I am calling Nwyfre, have been evolving over the last few years. They all stemmed from the discovery that Reiki as taught by Usui differs in ambition and focus from that which is taught within Westernised Reiki.

Reiki is linked to Usui’s culture and specific spiritual path. 

I am not Japanese nor am I Tendai Buddhist or Samurai – yet I am a Reiki Master.

It was whilst connecting to some texts on neo-Druidry that I discovered the concept or Nwyfre, so I studied what has been called Celtic Reiki.

However on reconnecting to some research on the writings of Usui, the following became clear.

Reiki, as taught by Usui, was a path of Spiritual Development and Self Healing.

Apparently there were no atunements within his ‘system’, apparently no use of or reference to The Chakras and no ‘levels’ or grades such as Reiki 1, 2, 3 or Master.

Reiki, when introduced to the West, was created for the Westerner and given a ‘Christian Gloss’.

So, the ‘system’ I have chosen to call Nwyfre evolved and is now presented in outline in my book: Nwyfre Self-Healing and Spiritual Development.

You get your copy of Nwyfre from Amazon.co.uk

Or from the publishers HERE

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