On-Line Courses

On Line Courses

As some of you will know we’ve been experimenting with on-line courses. Our first course was a short introduction to The Tarot, which was free.

This received some positive feedback… (you can still access that course here)

So as we have had a lot of interest in our 13 Moon Craft Course from people who cannot travel to Cornwall, we have decided to put an Introduction to Wicca and Witchcraft as an on-line course.

This will in no way replace the current face-to-face course, but is structured to offer a very good grounding in our approach to contemporary Wicca and Witchcraft.

Those undertaking the course will be invited to a closed Facebook Group so as to be supported in their studies. As this is our first foray into longer on-line courses we are making this available for a one-time, reduced fee of £10.


We hope you feel that the course is worth having a look at.

Modules Include

  • What is Wicca
  • Paganism and Witchcraft
  • Beliefs
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Ethics
  • Goddesses and Gods
  • The Elements
  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Casting a Circle
  • Creating an Altar
  • Magick and Spells

This course is designed to make you think about the Craft and your path and will take several weeks to complete. Plus, you will be able to post questions and thoughts on a a Facebook restricted to those on the course and existing Priestesses and Priests of The Craft you will be present in a supporting capacity.


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