TRTZ 17 26th April

From a purely mystical point of view the notion that inner well-being and spiritual development can be reflected in some external coloured luminescent glow is very attractive. Indeed, our language really does play into this idea of being able to subjectively assess a mood (under a black cloud) or a physiological state (in the pink) from the radiance of some personal light.

TRTZ 16 19th April 2011

Creationism is an idea that belongs in the school as part of the ‘spiritual curriculum’, evolution belongs within the science curriculum. Listen to the show to find out why!

Being Inspired – Re-defining Purpose behind TRTZ

Each episode of TRTZ will be built around a specific topic or theme. Of course listeners will have pre-existing ideas, opinions and attitudes regarding many of the subjects being explored BUT it is hoped that they will listen and think about the content of each shows particular presentation – whether that be a summary of ideas or the thoughts of a guest speaker.

TRTZ 15 Revisited

I have edited the show (something I have never felt I needed to do) so that Ron’s hypothesis may be heard in it’s entirety and my failure at monitoring and focussing the school yard too-ing of fro-ing of opinion and counter opinion can be noted.

TRTZ no 15th Does Physics Prove God?

Ahead of tonight’s show I thought I ought to put some primer material up for your consideration.

Ron Pearson, my guest, will be taking about i-ether and it’s connection to Quantum Physics, The Big Bang and God.

TRTZ no 14 15th March

So tonight’s show rambles through some thoughts about Japan and the Astr0-Armaggedon Pundits who seem to be seeking validation through their “predictions” of this event; the nature of science; a brief look at Edgar Cayce and a prolonged rant about some ‘alternative practitioners’ and their deliberate or ignorant use of research….

TRTZ no 13 8th March

A mixed bag of news and views. Astrology, Cancer Cures, Derek Acorah, Extreme Moon, Ghosts in UK, Healing, Paranormal Groups, Spooksploitation ….. and more.

TRTZ no 12 1st March

In many ways I thought this debate was a done deal, but there continue to be challenges to the ‘official reports’ of the events of 9/11 so I thought we’d try to get some discussion going.

TRTZ no 11 22nd Feb

Aleister Crowley is perhaps one of the most controversial, and I would maintain, misunderstood characters in recent history. Much of the misunderstanding comes from Crowley’s own PR, but some stems from a lack of real consideration of what he was saying at the time he was saying it!

TRTZ no10 15th February

Starting with the idea that there so called mystical experiences have a neurological correlates. and hence possible neurological origins, we moved on to share thoughts on the relevance of mystical experiences and how the interpretation (understanding) of these can give rise to personal belief systems, religious dogma and religious intolerance.