TRTZ no 25 28th June 2011

In Conversation with Chris.

The aim of tonight’s show was to outline an agenda for future debate about some of the claims made by those folks supporting the idea of World Governance and the allied conspiracy theories.

Chris spoke outlined his core hypotheses with an undertaking to provide a range of evidence on his website so that next time we can take the ideas step by step and question them.

We agreed on one key idea this evening that evidence needs to be evaluated openly, critically and with all due questions directed at the quality and authority of the sources.

TRTZ no 24 21st June 2011

Tonight’s show will take a look at the Amityville Horror; the fact, the fallacy, the reality and the hoax. The theme came from last weeks Urban Myth feature when the Amityville Story was denounced as largely being a hoax. This claim produced and wealth of comments from those listening and actually challenge my acceptance of one or two of the sources upon which I based my bold statement. So, rising to the challenge it was decided to look in a little more detail at the Amityville myth and mythos. There were one or two surprises for me as one particular source seems to have fallen apart under even more careful scrutiny.

TRTZ no 23 14th June 2011

An urban legend, urban myth, urban tale, or contemporary legend, is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories usually believed by their tellers to be true. As with all folklore and mythology, the designation suggests nothing about the story’s veracity, but merely that it is in circulation, exhibits variation over time, and carries some significance that motivates the community in preserving and propagating it.

TRTZ no 22 7th June

We get ourselves well and truly with the Elenin Conspiracy, challenging the findings of one of he oft quoted ‘scientists’ supporting the idea that Elenin will be ‘disastrous’ whilst at the same time exploring the issue of anti-intellectualism and the seeming lack of critical thinking in many quarters of society….

TRTZ 21 31st May

Tonight’s topic is the The Nature of Evil..

What is it?

Is it simply a philosophical construct or something tangible; something physical.

TRTZ 20 24th May 2011

The issue as to Jesus’ historical reality must surely be of interest to believers and non-believers alike. To some degree it could be said that the fact that ‘Jesus Christ’ inspired and inspires so greater a world-wide following is evidence that ‘he must have lived’.

This hardly satisfying for anyone choosing to think rationally about such an issue although it may be a perfectly sound position for those who believe. Tonight we will ask some questions about the nature of the historical Jesus, if indeed there was one!

TRTZ 19 17th May 2011

Tonights topic VAMPIRES! – We have the first in a short series of interviews with Bishop of Glastonbury. Tonight he speaks about his beliefs regarding vampires and their demonic origins.

But first, a round up of interesting news items compiled by Catherine Baker – don’t forget if you have a Rational-Mystical news story let us know by mailing

TRTZ 18th 3rd May 2011

Time Travel – HG Wells, writer of The Time Machine, states that ‚Äúthere is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space, except that our consciousness moves along it”.

TRTZ 17 26th April

From a purely mystical point of view the notion that inner well-being and spiritual development can be reflected in some external coloured luminescent glow is very attractive. Indeed, our language really does play into this idea of being able to subjectively assess a mood (under a black cloud) or a physiological state (in the pink) from the radiance of some personal light.

TRTZ 16 19th April 2011

Creationism is an idea that belongs in the school as part of the ‘spiritual curriculum’, evolution belongs within the science curriculum. Listen to the show to find out why!