PF Devon, Cornwall & Isle Conference 2017

PF Devon, Cornwall & Isles Conference 2017

Just got back from another PF Devon, Cornwall & Isles Spring Conference held at the lovely Penstowe Manor in North Cornwall.

We were treated to talks by Graham King, Prudence Jones, Kate & Corwen and Professor Roland Rotherham. We’ll be sharing more later as we’ll be writing the report for the local PF with a full review – but for now we can simply say that the talks were varied, as we’ve come to expect from the organisers of the conference, with something for everyone.

The evening entertainment was provided by Kate and Corwen and Damh the Bard – superb.

If you’ve not heard Dave then here’s a taster from YouTube. This track is as relevant today as when it was penned five or so years ago…

And here’s a clip of Kate and Corwen…

It had been our pleasure to conduct the closing ceremony for the event and from the feedback we have had it seemed to have gone down well featuring, as we wanted to, a call for recognition and celebration of spiritual Diversity within the Pagan Traditions.

So a big well done to the team behind the organisation of this event – another good job done.

Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of this Conference, and in a very brief conversation with one of them, we can be sure it will extra special!

Sue and Alan




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