Post-Wassail Post

Post-Wassail Post

Yesterday we were pleased to be invited to St Ives Community Orchard’s inaugural Wassail it was a super event and very well attended.

As noted on St Ives Videos Facebook page

“For years we have rather taken a good apple harvest for granted – but no longer. Certainty is needed. After adding 2 ceremonies to our impressive roster in December 2016, the St Ives Apple Tree Wassail will join the list this time next year, when it is held for a second consecutive year and formally accredited by the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies.

Thanks to the St IVES COMMUNITY ORCHARD for organising it all, to St IVES CIDER for the Montol mulled cider and to the CORNWALL SCHOOL OF MYSTERY AND MAGICK for guiding the ceremony.”

You can see a video of the event here …

It was, like the Orchard itself, a great example of community – a fun, family day in the local environment which not only hearkened back to a lost tradition but sought to establish a new one.

It was great to be there with other members of the school … Cathy, Luna, Sarah…









photos : Luna, Sarah, St Ives Community Orchard …

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