Reclaiming The Magician

Reclaiming the Magician



A rather stereotyped image image comes to mind when the word Magician is used.

It is one which can be seen as masculine and as someone who does tricks.

Both of these ideas are false.

One of the things that is obvious is that the powerful Archetype of the Magician has, for the most part, been reduced to a shadow of his/her formal self. Magic and Ritual has been Disney-fied and Harry Potter-ised and ‘magic’ as an art and science reduced to ‘sleight of hand’ antics of montebanks and ‘tricksters’.

Reclaiming The Magician will explore magic and ritual as a psycho-dynamic as well as transpersonal/spiritual force.

On Tuesday evening (3rd June) Alan will be talking about the Four Faces of The Magician at the Bude Moot (Parkhouse Centre, Bude 7pm) and since the first few copies of the new book Reclaiming the Magician arrived in the post today, he will be launching this new book there!

Alan writes :-

Reclaiming the MagicianThere are several worlds of magic.

The glittering world of the illusionist; the flippant world of the conjuror and the world of the ‘real magician’ manifesting change, summoning supernatural entities – the stuff of stories and legend.

The truth is that Magic is Real and Magicians do work to understand their relationship with themselves, others and the Cosmos. This book is an attempt to reclaim the magician by recognising the role he or she plays and the wisdom to which they aspire. It is a brief journey through the worlds of psychology, science and ritual. It will set those seeking mystical ‘truths’ for the first time and offer food for thought to the established occult practitioner.

This book explores aspects of psychology, physics, occult philosophy and offers practical steps and ideas for starting or continuing your own journey into the world of the real magician. Make magick relevant by reclaiming the Magician.

Believe Everything and Believe Nothing  : Find the Magician Within

This book contains mini-essays on Jungian Psychology, The Buddhist idea of No-Self, the Mystical Misuse of Quantum Physics and several about the path and practice of The Magician through all four phases of her or his development.

You can download a sample of the book here for free (it would be nice if you joined our mailing list) 


If you want to buy the book you can do so here  : Buy Reclaiming The Magician

Soon to be available on Amazon : see Alan’s Amazon Book List Here

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