TRTZ no 38 : WICCA

Wicca and Witchcraft – this a reposting of the show which I though had been posted but seems to have not appeared on the blog …. It must be a kind of magic.

Being Inspired – Re-defining Purpose behind TRTZ

Each episode of TRTZ will be built around a specific topic or theme. Of course listeners will have pre-existing ideas, opinions and attitudes regarding many of the subjects being explored BUT it is hoped that they will listen and think about the content of each shows particular presentation – whether that be a summary of ideas or the thoughts of a guest speaker.

TRTZ no 15th Does Physics Prove God?

Ahead of tonight’s show I thought I ought to put some primer material up for your consideration.

Ron Pearson, my guest, will be taking about i-ether and it’s connection to Quantum Physics, The Big Bang and God.