Spooksplotation – The Michael Jackson Seance

The Michael Jackson Seance – TV Psychics and Integrity

Well I guess it was bound to happen around Halloween a prime time opportunity to wheel out some spooky entertainment presented as fact!

I’m referring of course to the Michael Jackson Séance led by spiritualist medium Derek Acorah.

Let me start off by saying that I am not averse to presenting spooky entertainment, in fact in I do so frequently. As founder member of the Magic Theatre Workshop and creative consultant for Otherworld Productions I have been involved in presenting séance recreations, ghost walks and other distractions. They have always been presented within a theatrical frame and never in order to promote any particular belief. The same cannot be said for television shows such as Most Haunted and more recently Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns. These shows are presented as ‘serious’ and meaningful demonstrations of the paranormal.

The Michael Jackson séance could be considered by some as being tasteless and an example of how it is possible to ‘cash in’ on the misty-murky world of the paranormal whilst ensuring a viewing audience because of the appeal of the séance subject.

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