Surprise Trip – Ireland

Sue is full of surprises…

For my 60th last year she organised a Sage-ing Ceremony for me.

This year – a surprise trip to Ireland.

To be more specific, Newgrange!

During our four days away we walked on The Hill of Tara; had a whistle stop drive along the Boyne Valley; went to Knoweth and Newgrange and experienced a super bus tour of Dublin.

No doubt I will blog more about these visits, but for now just wanted to share something of this incredible, unexpected visit to a place I have wanted to go for a long, long time.

We managed to get a lot into this short visit.

Newgrange is a special place and reminds us of how 5,000 years ago our farming ancestors were skilled enough to build this monument – centuries before Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

It’s alignment to the Winter Solstice reflects something of the importance of this time in the year for these ancient peoples.

The chamber at Knoweth, contemporary with Newgrange, is far more impressive in terms of the sheer volume of Neolithic artwork that can be seen. The alignment of Knoweth and Doweth burial tombs is to the sunrise and sunset of the equinoxes, again reflecting the importance of these two times of the year. We can suppose there to be an important agricultural as well as ceremonial significance here.

Tara Hill, of course, is the place where the Kings of Ireland were ‘acknowledged’ – a special place with a feel of ancestral connection to the land itself.

We flew out on Monday 15th April and returned on Friday 19th, unknowingly sharing the flight back with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone who were travelling for their talk in Cornwall on the 20th.

Alan /|\

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