Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses Sue has a session at the Isis Centre in Hayle on the 19th July with a morning workshop which will focus the Priestesses…

TRTZ no 57 Nikola Tesla

Tesla a genius, capable of speaking eight languages, possessing an eidetic memory and capable of picturing and designing complex devices without ever sketching a blueprint or taking a note. He was also supposedly inspired to study electricity after he received an electric shock from his cat.

TRTZ 54 17th April 2012 – Metaphysics : Soul, Spirit, Being

Tonight we’re taking a slightly different tack and dipping our metaphorical toes into the metaphysical in an attempt to see what we all mean by the words we easily use. Words like ‘spirit’, ‘ghost’, ‘soul’ can imply a belief system, or at least some ideas about the nature of the cosmos – but what exactly?

TRTZ no 53 Ley Lines, Earth Energies and Geomancy

“We live on the Earth and without the activity of nature and natural processes we would not survive.”

No matter what your perspective, rationalist, mystic, scientist, pragmatist or idealist this statement is true. The natural cycles, which include the water cycle, the carbon cycle, the oxygen cycle, the rock cycle are key to our evolution and survival.

TRTZ no 47 Earth Sounds and Quantum Physics

This weeks show we aim to be looking in a bit more detail about those weird ‘earth sounds’ that have been trending on YouTube and then take a little trip into the world of Quantum Physics to explore some ideas…. no doubt I’ll end up tying myself in knots so will be relying on the guys in the chat rooms to help me out ..

TRTZ no 45 : The Occultists John Dee and Agrippa

There are words that have strong emotional hooks – Quija is one and OCCULT is another.
Often the emotional reaction each produces is the result of beliefs, attitudes and, lets be honest, prejudice.This, dear reader and listener is the focus of tonight’s show. Occultism and Occultists. We will be looking at two influential occultists and asking what all the fuss is really about.