TRTZ 29 26th July

The topic for this week is “Psychic-Intuitive Readings” and the Psychological issues which surround them. It IS NOT about ‘psychic bashing’ as some feared since I have every support for effective readers – find out why…

TRTZ no 24 21st June 2011

Tonight’s show will take a look at the Amityville Horror; the fact, the fallacy, the reality and the hoax. The theme came from last weeks Urban Myth feature when the Amityville Story was denounced as largely being a hoax. This claim produced and wealth of comments from those listening and actually challenge my acceptance of one or two of the sources upon which I based my bold statement. So, rising to the challenge it was decided to look in a little more detail at the Amityville myth and mythos. There were one or two surprises for me as one particular source seems to have fallen apart under even more careful scrutiny.

TRTZ 30th November

Alt Med : We defined it at those healing approaches that lie outside the medical mainstream and in some cases are reported as being viable alternatives to science-based medicine.