Working with Energies

Working with Energies To Enhance your Abilities for Psychic Work and Mediumship Tutors: Denise Lockwood and Sue Edwards To be held at: Elm Cottage. 76…

Reiki Level 1

REIKI LEVEL 1 COURSE Announcing the first of our courses a Reiki Level 1 Attunement and Weekend Workshop. Full details and a booking form can…

TRTZ no 14 15th March

So tonight’s show rambles through some thoughts about Japan and the Astr0-Armaggedon Pundits who seem to be seeking validation through their “predictions” of this event; the nature of science; a brief look at Edgar Cayce and a prolonged rant about some ‘alternative practitioners’ and their deliberate or ignorant use of research….

TRTZ no 13 8th March

A mixed bag of news and views. Astrology, Cancer Cures, Derek Acorah, Extreme Moon, Ghosts in UK, Healing, Paranormal Groups, Spooksploitation ….. and more.