Yorkshire Update

Yorkshire Update Looking forward to visiting North Yorkshire at the end of this month with the Personal and Spiritual Development weekend. A big thanks to…

Total Sensory Perception

Total Sensory Perception Mentalism – a philosophy of mind and an understanding sensory perception – Total Sensory Perception Weekend workshop – Personal. Spiritual and Emotional…

TRTZ 54 17th April 2012 – Metaphysics : Soul, Spirit, Being

Tonight we’re taking a slightly different tack and dipping our metaphorical toes into the metaphysical in an attempt to see what we all mean by the words we easily use. Words like ‘spirit’, ‘ghost’, ‘soul’ can imply a belief system, or at least some ideas about the nature of the cosmos – but what exactly?

TRTZ no 44 The Brain The Mind The Self

The Human Brain is one of the greatest mysteries in the Universe. A little over the weight of a bag of sugar, it’s what makes you you, me
me and them them…
Understanding even a little about the brains ability can really require us to challenge everything we thought me knew about what we think is real.

TRTZ no 9 8th February

Perhaps the nature of the experience itself is not the point. If we accept that it cannot be used to ‘prove’ the existence of ‘the afterlife’ we can certainly make the case that many of those who have a near death experience find it to be life changing in some many ways