TRTZ 54 17th April 2012 – Metaphysics : Soul, Spirit, Being

Tonight we’re taking a slightly different tack and dipping our metaphorical toes into the metaphysical in an attempt to see what we all mean by the words we easily use. Words like ‘spirit’, ‘ghost’, ‘soul’ can imply a belief system, or at least some ideas about the nature of the cosmos – but what exactly?


Well this is a bit of a milestone for The Real Twilight Zone – it’s our 50th Episode!
Tonight is Real Twilight Zone Night on Penwith Radio: after show 50 broadcast live 8pm – 10pm tonight we will be going through the night with shows voted for by listeners…

TRTZ no 39 : “McMysticism – The Path of Instant Enlightenment”

The Qabbala is a 13th Century ‘mystical system’ based around Jewish teachings; the ‘inner secrets of the Torah and forms the basis of western magical tradition.

It is also a system which has gained celebrity endorsement and, according to some, cult status.

We will be looking at this system in detail as well as considering the apparent desire for somee to seek instant enlightenment – the path of McMysticism.

TRTZ 37 : 8th November : The Tarot

Tonight’s show is about The Tarot
We will be exploring some of the facts and fallacies behind this particular set of images and in the process perhaps calling into question some of the pseudo-mystical hyperbole surrounding the Tarot as well as looking at it as a symbolic system for personal exploration.

TRTZ no10 15th February

Starting with the idea that there so called mystical experiences have a neurological correlates. and hence possible neurological origins, we moved on to share thoughts on the relevance of mystical experiences and how the interpretation (understanding) of these can give rise to personal belief systems, religious dogma and religious intolerance.