Well this is a bit of a milestone for The Real Twilight Zone – it’s our 50th Episode!
Tonight is Real Twilight Zone Night on Penwith Radio: after show 50 broadcast live 8pm – 10pm tonight we will be going through the night with shows voted for by listeners…

TRTZ no 26 5th July

Tonights theme is Old Nick himself…

A piece of Christian PR or something else?

The challenge we will be facing is the simple fact that so much religious hysteria surrounds any discussion of demons and devils – or The Devil him, or its, self. Much of this narrow minded view comes directly from the propganda perpetuated by some of the worlds leading religions. Afterall, the argument would go, if God is good then all of the evil in the world must be coming from somewhere.

No I’m not trying to be a Satan-Devil apologist, but it must be recognised that the notion of a ‘battle royal’ between Good (God) and Evil (Devil) does not come from the Old Testament tradition nor does Satan have a major presence and he (she/it) is certainly not Gods adversary.

TRTZ no 11 22nd Feb

Aleister Crowley is perhaps one of the most controversial, and I would maintain, misunderstood characters in recent history. Much of the misunderstanding comes from Crowley’s own PR, but some stems from a lack of real consideration of what he was saying at the time he was saying it!