Kalan Gwav, Allentide or Halloween.

Kalan Gwav, Allentide or Halloween. Nos Kalan Gwav (eve of first day of winter)           Dy’ Halan Gwav (First Day of Winter) Kalan Gwav  is the Cornish festival of Halloween. It is that time of year when thoughts turn to the dark of the year, the...
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Crying The Neck

Crying The Neck Crying The Neck is a harvest festival tradition practiced in Cornwall and Devon. The tradition seems to have died out in Devon but was in revived Cornwall in the early twentieth century by the Old Cornwall Society. In his book The Story of...
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Reclaiming The Magician

Reclaiming the Magician   A rather stereotyped image image comes to mind when the word Magician is used. It is one which can be seen as masculine and as someone who does tricks. Both of these ideas are false. One of the things that is...
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