TRTZ no 60 Astrology and All That Stuff …

The basic idea behind astrology holds that there is a correlation between a persons’ birth date (NOT their conception date) and the alignment and position of the planets. The positions and alignments in question are said to influence a person’s temperament and possible events in their future.

TRTZ no 58 22nd April The Arthurian Myth

The familiar story of King Arthur – but what is the historical basis for this romantic character? Well tonight we will be looking at the Arthurian Myth – exploring some of the origins of the Arthur story before a medieval French romantic got hold of the story…

TRTZ no 57 Nikola Tesla

Tesla a genius, capable of speaking eight languages, possessing an eidetic memory and capable of picturing and designing complex devices without ever sketching a blueprint or taking a note. He was also supposedly inspired to study electricity after he received an electric shock from his cat.

TRTZ no 56 UFO’s, Rendlesham

Yes the exist!

Strictly speaking ANY flying object which cannot be identified is a UFO – an Unidentified Flying Object
However when the term UFO is used many will immediately think of aliens – extraterrestrials. Now this is a HUGE topic so we’re going to focus upon one key story and look at what ‘evidence’ there is and what we can deduce from that evidence…

TRTZ no 53 Ley Lines, Earth Energies and Geomancy

“We live on the Earth and without the activity of nature and natural processes we would not survive.”

No matter what your perspective, rationalist, mystic, scientist, pragmatist or idealist this statement is true. The natural cycles, which include the water cycle, the carbon cycle, the oxygen cycle, the rock cycle are key to our evolution and survival.

TRTZ no 49 28th February The Knights Templar

Tonight we look at the Knights Templar – The History, The Myths and The Legacy… from the Crusades to their ‘invention’ of international banking the Knights Templar have a colourful and fascinating history replete with a long lasting mythos.

TRTZ no 47 Earth Sounds and Quantum Physics

This weeks show we aim to be looking in a bit more detail about those weird ‘earth sounds’ that have been trending on YouTube and then take a little trip into the world of Quantum Physics to explore some ideas…. no doubt I’ll end up tying myself in knots so will be relying on the guys in the chat rooms to help me out ..