TRTZ no 60 Astrology and All That Stuff …

The basic idea behind astrology holds that there is a correlation between a persons’ birth date (NOT their conception date) and the alignment and position of the planets. The positions and alignments in question are said to influence a person’s temperament and possible events in their future.
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TRTZ 28 19th July 2011

"What have we learned from Paranormal Research?" We will try to make a clear distinction between what could be considered as 'personal truths' or 'beliefs' - subjective truth - and what we can know through empirical research and objective observations.
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Being Inspired – Re-defining Purpose behind TRTZ

Each episode of TRTZ will be built around a specific topic or theme. Of course listeners will have pre-existing ideas, opinions and attitudes regarding many of the subjects being explored BUT it is hoped that they will listen and think about the content of each shows particular presentation - whether that be a summary of ideas or the thoughts of a guest speaker.
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