TRTZ no 60 Astrology and All That Stuff …

The basic idea behind astrology holds that there is a correlation between a persons’ birth date (NOT their conception date) and the alignment and position of the planets. The positions and alignments in question are said to influence a person’s temperament and possible events in their future.

TRTZ 54 17th April 2012 – Metaphysics : Soul, Spirit, Being

Tonight we’re taking a slightly different tack and dipping our metaphorical toes into the metaphysical in an attempt to see what we all mean by the words we easily use. Words like ‘spirit’, ‘ghost’, ‘soul’ can imply a belief system, or at least some ideas about the nature of the cosmos – but what exactly?

TRTZ 28 19th July 2011

“What have we learned from Paranormal Research?”

We will try to make a clear distinction between what could be considered as ‘personal truths’ or ‘beliefs’ – subjective truth – and what we can know through empirical research and objective observations.

Being Inspired – Re-defining Purpose behind TRTZ

Each episode of TRTZ will be built around a specific topic or theme. Of course listeners will have pre-existing ideas, opinions and attitudes regarding many of the subjects being explored BUT it is hoped that they will listen and think about the content of each shows particular presentation – whether that be a summary of ideas or the thoughts of a guest speaker.