The Witches Market

The Witches Market Wytch Events   So it’s finally here – well two sleeps away – the much anticipated Witches Market (12th August, St Johns…

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses Sue has a session at the Isis Centre in Hayle on the 19th July with a morning workshop which will focus the Priestesses…

Witchcraft and Magick

Witchcraft and Magick The School is now taking applications for the 13 month Witchcraft and Wicca training starting in November. It promises to be a…

TRTZ no 38 : WICCA

Wicca and Witchcraft – this a reposting of the show which I though had been posted but seems to have not appeared on the blog …. It must be a kind of magic.

TRTZ no 11 22nd Feb

Aleister Crowley is perhaps one of the most controversial, and I would maintain, misunderstood characters in recent history. Much of the misunderstanding comes from Crowley’s own PR, but some stems from a lack of real consideration of what he was saying at the time he was saying it!