Talking Tarot

Talking Tarot


Of all the oracle systems in use today, Tarot is arguably one of the better known.

78 Cards…¬†22 images which could be said to describe the Fools Journey and a further 56 which add people and textures to the main chapters of the adventure.

faithAs someone who has been exploring the Tarot for several decades, I can honestly say that it one of the most visually poetic tools out there. It is frequently misrepresented as simply an oracle and given an esoteric history which is firmly in the realms of the fairy tale but when understood it is a symbolic initiatory system which opens a doorway to spiritual exploration. OK, so that may sound a little grandiose, but is far closer to one of the intended uses of the Tarot than many of then ideas written in by a number of Tarot popularisers.

The oraclular, divination uses of The Tarot are clearly important but many who start their Tarot studies in order to ‘give readings’ frequently miss the deeper references built into the cards and their structure. In essence the tarot deck is a tool for self-reflection and development and it is from this perspective that we teach the Tarot with Mystery School.


Our forthcoming course, starting 3rd December, outlines the use of The Tarot for personal development as well as having a by-product of being able to ‘give readings’ to family and friends.

Running for one-day a month through to April 15th (2017) this course explores the mythic imagery within the Tarot; relates this to stages of our personal and spiritual journey and opens up a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious mind; the rational and the mystical.

Each session starts at 10.30am and finished around 4,30pm and as in previous courses we are inviting people to bring food to share – it helps the group bond and supports the development of a good group dynamic.

The session outline is as follows

3rd December

The Origins of the Tarot; The Structure of the Tarot Deck; Meeting The Fool, Magician and High Priestess.

7th January

The Empress and The Emperor Рnurturer and planner : The Heirophant, The Lovers and The Chariot Рfrom understanding to choices; from commitment to action. Exploring the aftermath of change with Justice (Strength), The Hermit and The Wheel

4th February

The journey into the unconscious self : Strength, Hanged Man, Death (Transformation), Temperance (Art). The final steps in the alchemical transformation – The Tower, The Devil, The Stars, The Moon, The Sun

11th March

The cycle completes РJudgement, The World  РThe Aeon and the Universe. The subtle influences of the minor cards РAce through Ten

15th April

The Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings

Putting it all together; telling the story offering the reading.

You can find out about other arrangements on the school website (here)

Spiritual Counselling Certification


We are putting together a Spiritual Counselling qualification which will be accredited by the Metaphysical Practitioners Association and, for qualifications that include healing, the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

We’re still working on the details, but we’re looking to include National Occupational Standards for Healing and Therapy within the qualification as well as a formal code of ethics and practice, It is likely that we will be offering these qualifications on a modular, points basis, which will allow us to create bespoke units of training as well as accreditation of prior learning, to meet the needs of our students. It is an exciting development which we’re hinting at for the first time here.

This course will carry 60 points towards this future accreditation which, at the moment, we’re looking at offering at two levels, Certificate and Diploma. Both of these awards will have listening and counselling skills as core modules as well as modules of legal and ethical considerations (60 points each respectively)

The Certificate will be set at requirement of 180 points and the Diploma at 300 points – some of which will be awarded for written/research work.


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