The Craft – Cohort 2

The Craft – Cohort 2


We are now recruiting for the next round of Training and Initiations for The Craft which starts in November 2015

This course is a complete introduction to contemporary Witchcraft and Wicca and you can find further details here.

This course is delivered over thirteen weekends, roughly one a month, and covers what in some traditions would be considered first and second degree training. It leads to an ‘initiation’ into The Craft and the continuation of a personal journey in the spirit of the tradition – which includes working within your community as a ‘wise’ woman or man.

Whilst The Craft, and the teachings we share, are inspired by both Hedge and Alexandrian traditions, we feel that the this course moves within and beyond those (somewhat) artificial boundaries. The training looks at the history of Witchcraft and Wicca and seeks to challenge some misconceptions BUT also includes some more recent thinking about the psychological, emotional as well as mystical background to the practice of magick.

We believe that our approach is more unique than dogmatic; more challenging than fluffy – magick (spell-craft) is very real and therefore the training is practical, philosophical and well as being playful.

It is a journey of personal development as this is at the core of your growth along a spiritual path.

We we be asking you to make a personal commitment in terms of time, energy and focus and of course financial (in terms of the course fee).

The course fee of £60 per day (£120 per weekend) covers all of the course books (you will receive 13 ‘textbooks’ one for each weekend) craft materials that will be used in making your magickal tools and your instruction and initiation. It also covers on-going one to one support and mentorship, not just when following the course, but once you have been initiated and continue your work.

This, we believe, makes this course very different from so many others currently available. We seek to build a community of magickal practitioners who are able to support each other on their own individual paths.

Your Tutors:

Sue is a Priestess of Kernow, Member of the Fellowship of Isis. She has a ‘hedge’ background to Witchcraft and so her practices harken back to the days of the wise woman and have grown under the shadow of the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Alan is Arch-Druid within the Reformed Druids of Gaia with Alexandrian based training (3rd Degree) so has a complementary approach to Sue’s.

IMPA-seal150Both Alan and Sue have coaching and counselling experience – Sue in the area of womens work and Alan within the area of Transpersonal Therapy so the personal development aspects of this course are supported by close to sixty combined years of experience in this work.

The course will be ‘badged’ by the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association and therefore subscribes to the code of ethics and practice by that association. You can find all of these details on this website should you wish to read more.

Course Dates

2015  7th/8th Nov : 5th/6th Dec

2016 16th/17th Jan : 20th/21st Feb : 19th/20th Mar : 30th April 1st May : 21st/22nd May18th/19th : June  23rd/24th July : 20th/21st Aug : 24th/25th Sep : 22nd/23rd Oct : 19th/20th Nov

Course Payment Structure

7th Oct                         20th April          19th Oct

7th Nov                        18th May          Course Fee : £120 per session

16th Dec                      20th June         Payment by Credit/Debit Card to PayPal

20th Jan                       20th July 

20th Feb                       24th Aug          Total : £1560

20th Mar                       22nd Sept

Advance Payment Discount

Upfront total cost payed 7th October £1300

Two Payments payed 7th October and 20th March of £700 total £1400


You can register and pay the first months installment for this course here

OR download, complete and return the following documents (right click and press “save as”)




If you want to speak to us then drop us an email on  or


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