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The Healing Weekend 2016


Ok so the Healing Weekend in question was two weekends ago, but as we’ve were away before and after the event this is the first opportunity we’ve had to reflect on the event.

With over 5,000 attendees at the event Elaine & Ron need to be congratulated on once again bringing together such a wonderful team of helpers (the red shirts) and a spectacular programme of speakers, exhibitors, therapists and performers.

Alan THW 2015
Alan THW 2015

This year was a very different year for me.

Whilst Sue has been working with Duchy Healers for many many years (in fact being the first representative of this organisation to attend such an event), for me (Alan) last year was my second visit – the first being many many years ago.

A close look at this photo will reveal the tell tale marks of Bels Palsy – in short I was there in body but not totally present if that makes any sense


So this year not only was I up for a slot in the Therapists Tent, presenting Nwyfre, but offering talks and appearing

Alan at THW
Alan at THW 2016

again, with gratitude to Elaine, in the Saturday night show. I think I am allowed to say I was looking much better this year.

Of course Sue was worked hard. Healing, networking and meeting old friends – those who’ve been part of this event for a long time.

It really is a superb event, perhaps one of the best Mind, Body and Spirit events in the UK calendar.

The therapist and presenter list is almost a who’s who of spiritual workers – and this year Elaine had managed to bring the musician-

Sika THW
Sika THW 2016

traveller-story-teller (just a few ways to describe the man who is.. ) Sika.

His appearance on Saturday night was for to brief for the sonic-journey he started could not be fully finished. But thankfully this was simply the overture for more stories-in-music over the weekend.

Native instruments, each with a story, weaving soundscapes that lead the soul home – marvelous.


The Healing Weekend 2016 can be reviewed on THW website and plans for 2017 are well underway.

The Cornwall School of Mystery & Magick are looking forward to being there – in there own marquee if you please (currently looking at being on stand 21), so we’re planning now for then!!


So once again thanks Elaine, Ron, Stan and the team – it was an honour to be there and we will be there in 2017!

Sue and Alan



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