The Real Twilight Zone

The Real Twilight Zone



Those of you are avid readers of this blog may well find up to sixty new posts, mostly dated 2011 – 2012 (so you’ll have to check the archives).

These are from the radio show Alan used to present called “The Real Twilight Zone” which was designed to be a provocative ‘chat show’ discussing a whole range of spiritual and mystical issues.

In time we will link to the recordings of the radio episodes which were, at one time available from iTunes.

The point of posting them here is two-fold.

1) The material in the articles which covers ideas from quantum physics, to the devil, through the Knights Templars and beyond…

2) We are looking at re-launching the programme as a series on Penwith Radio FM in the autumn – and we will be posting the articles related to each programme on the schools website.

We hope you enjoy reading the back catalogue and remember each article is designed to provoke thoughts….

Alan /|

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