Three Faces of the Goddess

Three Faces of the Goddess



Maiden 5th April 2014

We will be working with the playful energies of the youngest aspect of the Goddess through meditation and creativity; incorporating the Maiden in Magick and ritual and exploring her connection to the waxing moon and spring.

Mother 19th July 2014

Working with the energy of the eternal giver of life.
Enhance protection and psychic gift. Incorporating the Mother in Magick and Ritual and her connection to the full moon and summer.

Crone 29th November 2014

As we travel into the darkest season of the year, a time of contemplation of the ever flowing circle of life.Through meditation journey within to embrace your inner Crone.We will explore how to incorporate the Crone in Magick and Ritual, her connection to winter, Samhain and the waning moon.

Your Tutor

Sue is dedicated to sharing and connecting to the magick of the Divine Femanine that both women and men posses within. She has been involved in woman’s issues on many levels through out her adult life.

A healer for over 30 years, holistic therapist for 20 years and crystal healer for 10 years.

She is Director and Co-founder of ‘The Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick’ and has been Ordained as a Priestess of ‘The Goddess in Kernow’.
She is also a member of the fellowship of Isis.

Course Venue and Additional Information

The Isis Centre in Hayle 10am – 4pm

You will need to bring lunch, although there are shops nearby.

The cost of the course is £45 a day (Total £135)

 Downloadable Course Details and Application form can be found here …….  Goddess Workshops

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