TRTZ 15 Revisited

It may not have escaped your attention that last weeks audio file (podcast) was not uploaded after the show.

The reason for this was two fold.

One was the personal perspective that the discussion fell apart and the conversation in the chat room became one that equated to school-yard tit-for-tat.

It is true that there were some technical problems at the start of the show which were the archetypal comedy of errors. Funny tho’ they were the ribald comments from the chat room went far beyond the initial humour and cut across the ‘formal presentation’ our guest was giving.

Secondly the broadcast itself was rather uninspiring. After Ron’s presentation the bulk of on air conversation was me clumsily relating a very varied, frequently tangential and sometimes personally focussed ‘attacks’. Long silences and sighs of despair because of the shared failure to keep to the ethos of the show (considered debate and critical thinking) made for very poor listening.

However, I have edited the show (something I have never felt I needed to do) so that Ron’s hypothesis may be heard in it’s entirety and my failure at monitoring and focussing the school yard too-ing of fro-ing of opinion and counter opinion can be noted.

I was going to publish the chat room logs alongside this podcast, but decided against doing so. Whilst some of the regular listeners were trying to keep the conversation within some defined boundaries, the frequent side-comment and personal slur did many of those engaged in the ‘chatter’ little credit.

If you listen through to the end you will notice that any attempt at making some kind of meaningful summary from the various comments became a futile and frustrating venture.

Suggestions that through discussion it should be possible to ‘get rid’ of people or ensure that some ‘karmic debt’ is settled for some previously undisclosed action really sets the final tone of this episodes debate.

The only conclusion I stand by is that it is impossible to have a rational debate in the face of irrationality – remember the speaker/author who was the focus of this evenings endeavour said he was presenting a SCIENTIFIC proof.

If the show continues it will do so only after some key changes in format.


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3 thoughts on “TRTZ 15 Revisited”

  1. I wasn’t able to listen to the show live last week due to work commitments but from the tone of this blog it sounds like a rough ride. I have listened to all the podcasts so far and thoroughly enjoyed the diverse nature of the show and the way in which it has challenged beliefs and questioned perceptions. Whilst I can understand your reservations about the future of the show, I for one hope for a speedy return. The show is unique because you have a range of skills, experiences and expertise which deserves to be heard – no one else does this stuff.

  2. As I expressed to you last week Alan, I would hate to see the demise of your show, I find it interesting and thought provoking to listen to.

    Tuesday nights would never be the same! :’-(

    So to echo what John said in his earlier comment, ” I for one hope for a speedy return”.

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