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Thanks for the folks who joined in the chat rooms to support the first show.

The show itself can be found below and here are the show notes to go with it….

The Lionel Fanthorpe Interview

Lionel FanthorpeIt was great to be able to talk to one of the UK’s icons in paranormal investigations.

As a fan of Fortean TV and avid reader of Fortean Times I have been familiar with Lionel’s work and in particular his wonderfully quirky style of presentation and engagement with the topics


On the  show Lionel talked a bit about Lionel, his background and what led him to become an Anglican priest.

His definition of the paranormal seemed to define all those things that physical science could examine as being in the ‘normal box’ and everything else that at this paricular time could not be examined or explained was to be placed in the ‘paranormal box’.

He made reference to the need for congnitive rational exploration to work alongside emotional (intuitive) considerations. I was very pleased to hear in say that the phrase ‘rational mysic’ was ‘wonderful’ in that it contained the need to apply intellect and emotion to the issues facing us as people.

The interview also contains thoughts about the nature of ‘paranormal entities’, the pre-requisite mind set and requirements for paranormal investigations and a mention of his fantastic new book

you can contact Lionel through his website

Lionels ‘time-slip’ anecdote was replayed and there was some discussion about that.

I feel that with any such reported event we need to do two things…

Enjoy the reporting of and listen without comment to it in its  entireity.

Then think about the kind of questions raised by the anecdote.

If we are serious about exploring the report then I believe it is worth listing the facts of the story.

In this case…

A couple out for an evening

The man went to the public toilet

It was an old, Victorian, pubic toilet with cubicles

He was gone for a long time

His partner was concerned

A traffic warden went to look for him

He was not found

He returned moments later and reported that when he emerged from the toilets ‘everything had changed’

He went back to the toilet and when he reemerged for the second time he was ‘back in this reality’

Now I know that this seems very pedantic, but it is only by isolating the facts presented in a paranormal anecdote in this way can we

a) see what gaps there may be in our understanding

b) decide what questions we need to ask for clarification

I’m sure we have all been in situations where anecdote after anecdote has been offered with little or no pause for reflection or thought and the ‘group’ has automaticaaly reconfirmed an explanation that they already had accepted or wanted to believe.

I was hoping folks in the chatroom would pick up on this story and run with it, and whilst some did, the topic of conversation was quickly moving on to one of the provocations set to be the topic of conversation for the next part of the show

The Brian Dunning Provocations

Brian Duning Brian Dunning is the presenter and author of the Podcast Skeptoid, producer of the pilot TV show The Skeptologists and a superb critical thinker.

I am a fan of his work and am pleased to say that he will be on the show once I’ve got things more sorted at my end.

Brian has given me permission to use sound-bytes from his podcasts to help promote debate and critical thinking. For this I am in his debt.

The provocation tonight was that the use of ‘ghost hunting equipment in ghost hunting is bogus!”

As you can imagine there was lots of debate.

I implore those of you serious about exploring critical thinking to visit Brian Dunnings website ( and listen to his back catalogue of podcasts.

The quotes used tonight were from his New Age Energy and Ghost Hunting Equipment podcasts.

Pygar called the studio for a brief discussion.

Some of you may know that Pygar and I have had a long puboic debate on our respective facebook accounts. If you’re interested after hearing our brief exchange on the show you can go to The Rational Mystic on Facebook and find all the verbiage there as well as locating Pygar and his posts.

Logical Fallacy of The Week – The Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem

Where the person presenting the argument is attacked and not the substance of the argument.

Why should we believe what you say we all know you are a closed minded, scientific hack

In many ways this kind of logical fallacy can be linked to..

Poisoning the Well

A particular Appeal to Emotions which connects ideas in such away as to discredit the source of the idea.

Well look, Hitler used Darwin’s ideas

So there we go.

The first show in a nutshell….

Hope you join me on the 30th November

The Music on Tonights Show

In order of appearance

  • Raising Days – I Confess
  • Satya Graha – Spine to Shine
  • Callel – Gallus
  • Little Spitfire – If I look I See You
  • Everette Young – The Ground
  • AJ – A bit o’ funk Live at Stoneleigh

All of the music, with the exception of AJ Live at Stoneliegh, can be found at Aardvark Music.

Their on-line store can be found here : Aardvark Music

The Answer to “What the Hell Was That?”

The weird sound, like footsteps, was in fact the recording of a Pulsar

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