TRTZ no 15th Does Physics Prove God?

Ahead of tonight’s show I thought I ought to put some primer material up for your consideration.

Ron Pearson, my guest, will be taking about i-ether and it’s connection to Quantum Physics, The Big Bang and God.

You can see a VIDEO which supports some of Ron’s ideas on HERE :

You can see a diagram from Ron’s book re i-ether HERE Ron Peasrson : Phsyics Proves God


So here’s some background researched by Catherine Baker who is not a scientist. The purpose of asking her to do the research was to ensure that some of the ideas, complex though they may be, could be understood in their most basic of ideas by a non-scientific, young person. Thanks for the hard work Catherine.


Ron Pearson’s Big Breed Theory of the creation of the Universe

Dark Energy: Space has its own energy, so it’s something that won’t be diluted as space expands.  Einstein theorized that it’s possible for more space to come into existence, but later discarded this theory in favour of a cosmological constant. In keeping with this theory, as more of space comes into existence, more of this energy might appear and cause the universe to expand even faster. Supposedly there is 70% dark energy, -25% dark matter, and -5% normal matter.

The Planck Scale: This can either be a large energy scale, or a miniscule size scale.  The latter being important in the relation of gravity to quantum particles.

What tнē #$*! D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!? (What the bleep do we know?!): The theory sounds similar to many plot-points from this film which has been widely regarded as inconsistent pseudoscience.

Ron Pearson’s scientific background: He studied mechanical engineering and excels in mathematics and physics as well as having taught science, biology, maths, thermo dynamics and fluid mechanics. However, to all intents and purpose, he is a professional engineer and not a physicist.

He can’t yet prove it: While his theories supposedly solve problems such as the Cosmological constant and he has experiments to test his theories in mind, he has yet to undertake them.

Dark matter is undetectactable: This stuff, for want of a better term, has no mass, produces no radiation and is nearly impossible to define exactly through any means of perceivable scientific measurement; how do we know it’s even there? Let alone what properties it has?

Order evolving from Chaos: The theory involves the idea of the i-ther evolving into a conscious being after being fed with energy and with the self-organizing power of chaos.  This is an oxymoron, chaos is not organized, lest it lose its singular definition entirely.

The stance on paranormal phenomena: This theory can supposedly explain our notions of ghosts and contact with the dead, being that speaking with those who’ve passed on is actually contact with those who still exist on a different plane of reality. If this is the case, why are so many apparitions observed to be continuing something they did in life? Many ghost sightings involve repetition (As far as I’m aware), some even appearing to be annual eg – the sight of a lady in white every 21st -22nd of December on Pendeen Fogou – not to mention wearing the same thing, carrying the same thing, or heading to the same destination. If these are cases of the two universes interfering with each other, why would the other dimensional beings be waiting on shores for lost lovers from this life forevermore, hanging themselves over and over or repeatedly pacing through the same stretch of wall? And what does Ron Pearson have to say on the matter of poltergeist activity? Is this something interfering with our perception barriers and changing the matter we appear to see? Or is this some nature of interaction from the other, ethereal realities?

His lack of response: Ron Pearson puts the lack of response to his theories down to people not being brave enough to publish his work, what if it’s a simple case of his theory being dismissed by actual physicists?

Birth of the i-ther: This i-ther must surely have not always existed, and (as far as I can tell) there is no theory on its birth. The very existence of the i-ther opens further doors to further questions about the i-ther itself. Did something create IT? And if the i-ther created matter, us, everything we know, the biggest question that is raised can be summed up in one word – WHY? Refreshingly, Ron Pearson does actually state that it cannot be alleged that there is not something deeper than all of this, something higher even than his i-ther.

Dark Matter: There is five times more material in galaxy clusters than can be accounted for by hot gas and the stars and planets within them – ‘Missing Mass’.  Scientists learn what is present from the light that is produced, be it x-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma ray or plain optical light. Dark matter is the explanation being put forward to explain the matter present that doesn’t produce enough light for us to detect.  It is meant to have a gravitational pull on other light sources however.  Dark matter might be ‘non-baryonic’, i.e – composed of something other than the protons, electrons and neutrons with which we are familiar. The theory was put forward but Fritz Zwicky in 1934.

Cosmological Constant: A term in Einstein’s equations of general relativity that suggests that there is a density and pressure in empty space. A vacuum energy.  It is a mathematical figure that predicts an expansion of the universe that is apparently too high. “The figure was needed to give space an inbuilt tendency to expand in order to overcome the natural tendency for it to collapse due to all the matter in it and its gravitational pull. Now that we know that the Universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, this constant is exceptionally large and cosmologists have all but chosen to ignore it. They have also ignored evidence that some stars seem to be older than the age of the Universe itself. The Big Bang has been estimated to be around 12 billion years old and some stars seem to be much older. Something is clearly not quite right.”

Theory of Relativity:  Einstein’s theory for how things move on a large scale such as planets orbiting the Sun.

Quantum theory: The movement of things on an extremely small scale, on an atomic level.

Primaries: In Ron’s theory there are two forms of negative and primary energy that become primaries created from a ‘zero state of energy’.  These two energies colliding results in the two gaining their own energy. This changes the previous theory that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. ‘Energy can only be created or destroyed in equal and opposite amounts’. When negative energy and positive energy collides they create their own sideways momentum.  The energy appears from nothing and is called a ‘breeding’ of the energies according to Ron.

Annihilation: The need to conserve momentum prevents mutual annihilation, but the positive and negative gains of both momentum and energy could cancel in the case of multiple collisions.

i-ther: An intelligent background medium created from the solid filaments of energy generated where the primaries are in the process of mutual annihilation and enclosed by areas where energies are still being formed by collisions/breeding.  The tiny amount of creation still occurring should explain the expansion of the universe.  Ron theorized that this i-ther acts like a superfluid (Something that flows without friction and with infinite thermal conductivity) only in a vaporous form.  This would allow it to flow without hindrance through the grid created by these filaments.  This also means that previous observational information can work in tune with his theory.

Quantum waves:  The aforementioned filament structure is akin to a neural network, allowing energy to travel in waves and then on to other connecting or unconnecting ‘filaments’ in a switching arrangement not unlike a computer. In other words, it has all the characteristics of something that can learn, something that has sentience and intelligence. The waves, occurring in sequence but not in one place, are supposedly used to generate particles of matter such as electrons and spikes of energy that act together to create something similar to ripples on water. The physics we know and understand can then finish the story of the universe as the particles we are familiar with become involved. Despite this, Ron suggests that these particles and our concepts of them are illusory things from the i-ther.  These matter-making waves also create ‘long-range gradients that makes the i-ther appear more condensed near larger objects. Negative pressures follow these same gradients and produce a buoyancy type of force on any matter.’ = Gravitational force. It also deals with the cosmological constant idea, which is an unstable theory.

Life after death: We are all clumps of matter, but as this matter is an illusion made by the i-ther at a specific frequency, it is something that we see as being real that is not. Our minds are parts of the i-ther. When we die, we live on within the i-ther at a different frequency.

Healers and mind over matter: We have developed barriers within our minds to prevent us from being harmed by the enormous power of the i–ther, but if an individual can lower this perception barrier they can communicate better with this network of consciousness.  Therefore by tapping into the programming power of the grid it could be possible to restructure an individual’s matter in a more efficient, perhaps healthier way.  In a similar vein, this theory makes telepathy possible, the filaments capable of carrying information instantly, perhaps between two people if they can lower their barriers enough. Being able to tap into the grid could also allow us to achieve what Uri Gellar famously can with his spoon-bending.  If we can restructure the illusion the result will appear real.


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  1. Twas an interesting show from start to finish… eventfull even! The guy did have a perspective and that needs to be respected as with any individuals opinion even if theose differ greatly from our own! A few technical-problems early on were overcome and the delay from studio to air seems to have caused it’s usual mis-understandings but well worth downloading the pod-cast :o)

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