TRTZ no10 15th February

Mysticism and Rationality

An unplanned, but nevertheless interesting homage to Derren Brown as his tour dates for 2011 were shared. led to a discussion of cold reading.

The main theme of the show was about mysticism and the nature of mystical experiences.

Starting with the idea that there so called mystical experiences have a neurological correlates. and hence possible neurological origins, we moved on to share thoughts on the relevance of mystical experiences and how the interpretation (understanding) of these can give rise to personal belief systems, religious dogma and religious intolerance.

There was a brief discussion of   Western Esoteric tradition and how it relied heavily upon Jewish Mysticism – the Qabbalah in particular.

This episode was far more tentative in it’s content with ideas being offered for consideration rather than rational analysis. There was a deliberate attempt to see how the Rational and the Mystical can be resolved in a personally meaningful way.

The Music in tonight’s show

The Truths  – Against Perfection

The Truths – Speed of Life

Adrenalizer – Home Thoughts

Benny Tetteh-Lartey – Lucky

All available from Aardvark Music

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