Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses


Sue has a session at the Isis Centre in Hayle on the 19th July with a morning workshop which will focus the Priestesses of Kernow and the World Wide Web of Sisters who will connect and support one another. possibly setting up their own Sisterhood at the hearth (home).

brigitsmeadSue, apart from being a founder of the School, has worked in many areas with women and women’s issues. Five years ago after training she was initiated as a Priestess of Kernow and has recently been invited to lead  the organisation. This will include the training of women who are wishing to become a Priestess of Kernow or be part of the Sisterhood.

This talk will be at the Isis Centre on 19th July between 10.30am and 1pm and the cost will be £10.


Email Sue directly if you are interested : sueedwards@live.co.uk

We are now taking applications for the following courses.

wiccaFollowing on from planned talks at local Moots we’re running a weekend workshop entitled Reclaiming The Magician Within.

This weekend course will explore the archetype of the Magician and consider the role of Magic in the 21st Century. Based on Alan’s latest book (a copy of which is included in the course fee) this workshop includes theoretical as well as practical work based on psychology and esoteric techniques.

The course is for personal development and may lead the a further exploration of the path of the magician.

Course Dates : 13th and 14th September : Venue Redruth

Cost £120  includes workbooks and materials

Places Limited

You can review and buy the book : Reclaiming the Magician here

11th and 12th October we present an Introduction to the Qabbala.

Tree of LifeThis weekend workshop will explore the philosophical and mystical Qabbala – a key reference in western occultism.

This is a theoretical and practical weekend introducing the basis of the system and focussing on the use in the Western Magical Tradition – an idea follow on for anyone who attended Reclaiming the Magician Within, but works well as a stand-alone introduction.

Course Dates : 11th and 12th October : Redruth


Cost £120  includes workbooks and materials

Places Limited

A Complete Introduction to Wicca and Witchraft 

WiccaRedeThis is a 13 weekend course spread over 13 months introducing the key aspects of Wicca and Witchrcaft and can lead to an initiation into The Craft within the tradition of the school.

Based upon a Wiccan syllabus (Alan is a 3rd Degree Alexandrian) supported by the introduction of traditional Wise-Craft (Sue is a Priestess and from a Hedge Tradition).

Each weekend session contains theoretical, practical and ritual components at the end of which each person will have compiled their own Book of Shadows and be supported in the development of their own groups if they opt for initiation.

As with all of the courses we run the course fee covers continued mentorship and support.

Course starts weekend 1st and 2nd November (all dates now in our calendar) and costs £120 per weekend. That covers materials (course book) and certification.

We are in the process of arranging some one-day sessions as well as our list of short talks for groups and events. So please keep in touch.

We have been invited to York in the New Year and would love to make this  trip a bit of a tour. So if you have a group that meets in the week, are between Cornwall and York and are looking for a talk, workshop or event at the end of March 2015 please get in touch.




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