Regular visitors will start to notice some changes to this website.

We’re working to make it easier to access the information on the site.

As you will have read in our newsletter we’re now a UK Registered Learning Provider (10053503) which further supports our desire to deliver sound, ethically based and where possible accredited courses. Something which could seem at odds with study material that is more about subjectivity than objectivity, mysticism as opposed to rationalism.

Of course this does not mean that we’ve found a way to ‘assess’ personal mystical experiences, far from it, but it does mean we can approach these powerful experiences in an ethical, supportive and explorative way.

We’ve created some ‘feeds’ from associated websites and blogs …

Spirit of AnamChara, Alan MoonBears Blog and Inspire NLP’s Personal Alchemy Tweeter.

One of the other features which will appear in the next few weeks will be a series of downloadable ‘fact sheets’ about the topics we teach in the school. These sheets will be freely available and will hopefully offer some counter information to the more hysterical opinionated press around topics such as Witchcraft, The Occult, Magick, Healing, Tarot, Mediumship and so on.

So keep an eye on the changes to the site and make sure you’ve signed up to our newsletter…

May You Never Thirst  and Blessed Be

Sue and Alan


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2 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. would like to speak to someone about occult training and magick. please email me or phone me on 07514481933.
    ps alan i was a student of yours at pool school

    1. Hi Tom,

      Fuirstly let me apologies for our tawdry reply. We’ve been away from the website and life has been very hectic over the last couple of month. If you’ still like a chat please drop me an email (alan@cornwallmysteries.com or alan@aljones.net) or call me on 07714 323 934 – be good to catch up. Alan

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