Vision Quest for Your Shamanic Staff

Vision Quest for Your Shamanic Staff

A Week-End Workshop with Wendy Winstanley

A Shaman’s staff is often a thing of beauty, used by a shaman to assist in physical hiking, as well as being one of the many tools of their trade, for spirit journeys as well as for protection.

For many peoples, the shaman’s staff is a representation of the connection between the realms of upper, middle and lower worlds and functions as a model of the World Tree. As with all true power objects, the staff becomes a living presence. As such, it is a catalyst for change and transformation–even capable of working on its own on behalf of the shaman.

This weekend workshop will focus upon the creation (making), dedication and use of a Shamanic Staff.

At the time of writing we are planning to have a Teepee in the back garden of the venue so to create the appropriate ceremonial atmosphere for the work with your staff.

You can bring your own wooden pole/stick to work with and indeed any personal items you would like to add to your creation.

However Wendy will also provide blank staffs for you to work with and make your own as well as a range of natural items you can add to your staff.

Pre-Workshop Preparation

In the time leading up to the workshop take the time to be still and think about this amazing tool. Reflect on symbols and totems that are relevant or important to you. Jot everything down in your note book/ journal to bring with you.

The session outline is as follows

Day 1

10.00am – A meet and greet

10.30am – Creating the space

11.00am – Introducing the Shamans Staff

12.30pm – A trip to Tehidy Woods for a reflective walk and to find some gifts from nature.

13.30pm – Return for lunch, if weather allows cooked over an open fire near the teepee

14.30pm – Create the Space and set the intention smudge the equipment.

14.45pm – Work on the main body of the staff –  the bones.

Discussion continues as we work.

16.00pm – Finish for the day

 Day 2

10.00am –  Coffee discussion short meditation.

10.30am – Create the space.

10.45am – Finish anything, from yesterday.

11.30am – Start the process to bring the staff into a new being

Lunch around 12 30pm

13.30pm – Finish the creating process

14.30pm – Enliven the staff in a Bonding ceremony

15.30pm – Finish and Close the Space

 Close the space.

May 6th and 7th

10.00am – 4.00pm


You can download the application forms here ……


APPLICATION FORM PDF       StaffWorkshopJune2017

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