Where have we been????

Where Have We Been



Actually despite having been a little lax in posting on our website we have been really busy … in and out of lot’s of different worlds…

obod_wheel_sm-copyThe Celtic Shamanism course is coming to an end – well we’ve got three more sessions..

It’s been almost  a year working on this course, super people and with this group being the core of the Druid Clan of Celliwig, a Druid grove recognised by the Reformed Druids of Gaia its all steam ahead to start doing more Druid-y things.

Our Samhain event saw the first rite performed by the Druid Clan and the agreement as to our Druid Patron and Gatekeepers.

If you want to keep-up with Clan Things then you can follow us on Facebook : Druid Clan of Celliwig

The Craft, our course on Wicca and Witchcraft started on the 1st and 2nd November and again we are lucky to have a small, but super group. Pentagram2Each has already brought their own experience to bear and so the next twelve months promises to be very exciting.

For all those who wanted to join us this time but were unable you might like ti know that we’re recruiting now for the next course – starting November 2015. Places will be limited again, so register your interest early. (The Craft 2015)

We’ve undertaken some big tasks over the last couple of months too…

Sue has been working for the Priestesses of Kernow and looking at expanding The Sisterhood and Alan, outside of the Mystical area, has been working on the accreditation of NLP courses at Levels, 2, 3 and 5 – thus being one of the only providers in the UK able to offer recognised national qualifications. in this subject.

This work has lead to the consideration of a Spiritual Counselling course for 2015 – again if you’re interested you can get a brief overview here but please register your interest as soon as possible.

Since Samhain we’ve been putting our diaries together to come up with dates and plans for 2015 … and 2016!!!!

We’ve started to host Monthly ‘Moots’ for all those in the locality and have now added dates for Reiki Share sessions. If you wish to attend either of these we would ask you to let us know via alan@aljones.net or sueedwards@live,co.uk or via Facebook private message.

We have added events to our events calendar, in the right side bar, but the BEST way to keep up with what we’re doing is via FACEBOOK  and through our eight times a year Newsletter – which has been getting some great feedback. (sign up to the newsletter via the sign-up form in the right sidebar).

Our odd evenings at Pengersick Castle are set to continue into 2015, but just to let you know that the next two events are on 21st November and 11th December.

The 21st November is the latest in the Conjurations and Divinations events – see the Facebook Page whilst the one on the 11th December is something very different. It is a recreation of a Victorian Seance with seance doll, Daisey May.

You can find details of the Victorian themed Seance on the Facebook Page

Here’s a bit of a taster…


So that’s about it – oh by the way Samhain Blessings …

Sue and Alan




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