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World Goddess Day 2016




THE WORLD GODDESS DAY PROJECT emerged in 2014 to unite the Mother Goddess’ worshipers world wide through their many expressions and manifestations and held more then 50 events around the World.

In 2015, the held more than 80 events.

And for 2016 the celebration of the Wolrd Goddess Day will be still bigger!

(Source : World Goddess Day)

For many historical reasons the names of the Goddess and her myths have been forgotten and were relegated to mere folkloric curiosity in the Western world by many.

The force and power of Her names were lost. Ancient temples are in ruins, ancient chants and invocations are not recited anymore. The many myths of the divine Goddess were set aside and now are part of the fairy tales,  losing its sacredness and becoming mere stories only seen by a psychological prism or as silly legends of ancient people.

Nowdays, the Goddess is reentering into our modern life and bringing back all Her vitality, power, wisdom and healing through the many Pagan traditions that are revitalinzing Her worship.

She returns for several reasons. The Goddess is calling all who feel dissatisfied; she calls out all who have found in Western religions just political institutions focused only on a male dominant figure; She also calls for all who feel dissatisfied with the patriarchal religion inherited from their ancestors who have only contributed to sicken the world with their distorted and corrupted values.

(World Goddess Day website)

One of the World Goddess Day registered events will be celebrated at Pengersick Castle, Praa Sands.

Since this is the third event the theme is the Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone.

So far the following have agreed to take a role on the day.

Ravenswell – Wendy will be bringing her birds of prey

Selkie – Oracle readings and Bull Roarer Demonstrations

Circle Dancing with Cathy (Dancer)

We hope to have workshops from:

  • Jackie Juno
  • Ros Simonds

And there’s more so look out for further details..


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