World Goddess Day 2016

World Goddess Day 2016

4th September 2016


sueBADGEWorld Goddess Day is on the first Sunday in September. It is a Goddess inspired, International Event that has now been running since 2014. This is the third event and in Cornwall it has been organised by Sue Edwards, Priestess of Kernow and founder of Goddess Awakens (more of which you can read about in our next newsletter).

The heavy rain on Saturday did seem to dampen some spirits and some folks decided that rain would stop play and choose not to attend on Sunday, but despite this the event was a great success. With more stalls and activities than in previous years and an increased number of visitors the ‘vibe’ was relaxed. welcoming and healing.

Pengersick Castle is a wonderful venue with a powerful atmosphere of its own and one which seems to encircle any event there with its own special magic.

The event featured talks by myself (on the Crone), Elayne Binnes (The Mother) and Ros Simons, who traveled from Exmoor (The Maiden).

In the marquees and gazebos were a range of artisan wares, readers and healers.


photo: Jem Burrows

The focus of the event is The Goddess and how she in her various forms is at the core of Earth Spirituality so the opening and closing ceremonies led by The Priestesses of Kernow brought into focus the aspects of the maiden, mother and crone and how they are not merely aspects of the Goddess reserved for women, but men too have their own connection with each.

Sue says that:

“The purpose of the day is to bring like minded people together to share; to allow women a space in which to interact and connect to the sacred feminine in them; and to allow all (men, women and children) to come closer to recognising the ‘Goddess Within’ and allowing the Goddess to Awaken.

Judging from some of the comments on Facebook, this day more than lived up to this aspiration.

We will be sharing a more detailed overview of the day in out next Newsletter, including the promised piece about Tammy Blee, an infamous Conish Pellar…

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